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Product Description Cost Quantity
Miscellaneous Corporate Law Matters $ N/A
Domestic Corporations/NonProfit Corporations $ N/A
Foreign Corporation Qualifications $275.00
Limited Liability Companies/Limited Liability Partnerships $250.00
General Partnerships $350.00
Board of Directors/Shareholder Minutes and Written Consents $ N/A
Name Availability Checks/Good Standing Certificates/Annual Statements/Minute Book Kits $75.00
Miscellaneous Agreements/Contracts/Letters $ N/A
Agreements and Contracts $ N/A
Work Orders/Project Assignments/Promissory Notes/Bills of Sale/Demand Letters $ N/A
Miscellaneous Family Law Matters $ N/A
Dissolutions/ Divorces/Annulments $ N/A
Legal Separations $ N/A
Summary Dissolutions $350.00
Dissolution/Divorce/Legal Separation/Annulment Responses $ N/A
Request For Orders/Notice of Motions/Stipulations $ N/A
Qualified Domestic Relations Orders $450.00
Legal Separation Agreements $450.00
Marital Settlement/Property Agreements $450.00
Prenuptial/Pre-Marital Agreements $450.00
Child Custody/Visitation Agreements $450.00
Default Judgments $ N/A
Paternity/Parental Establishment Petitions $500.00
Child Custody/Child Support/Spousal Support Petitions $ N/A
Child Custody/Child Support/Spousal Support Modifications $ N/A
Wage Assignment Orders $250.00
Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders $ N/A
Miscellaneous Lititgation Law Matters $ N/A
Complaints $ N/A
Answers/Responses to Complaints $ N/A
Small Claim Complaints $350.00
Case Management Statements $225.00
Requests For Default/Default Judgments/Notice of Entry of Judgments $225.00
Order to Appear for Examination/Contempt Orders $225.00
Abstract Judgments $300.00
Wage Garnishments $450.00
Writs of Execution/Writs of Possession $450.00
Miscellaneous Probate Law Matters $ N/A
Guardianships/Conservatorships $650.00
Living Wills $ N/A
Living Trust Agreements $650.00
Healthcare Directives $375.00
Powers of Attorney $300.00
Miscellaneous Real Estate Matters $ N/A
Grant Deeds/Quitclaim Deeds/Deeds of Trust $225.00
Interspousal Transfer Deeds $225.00
Affidavits of Death of Trustee or Spouse $225.00
Notary Public Services $ N/A
Postal/Certified Mail/Overnight Mail Fees $ N/A
Credit Card Service Fees $ N/A